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prominent personal development coaching for women of faith

nourishing your inner foodie: mind, body, spirit





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Courses, coaching, teaching, speaking, writing and more. My services are varied and come with guarantee of quality, dedication and individualization. These approaches are designed to help women of faith in positions of leadership transform limiting mindsets and unhealthy habits with abundance, freedom and health. If you are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, out of control, depressed or simply not walking in the joy and freedom you so desperately crave in your life, you're in the right place. With many years working in the behavioral and mental health field, in mentoring, coaching and inner healing programs in the church and business worlds, and as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, I bring experience and raw wisdom to my services.



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All services are created with you in mind and offer support through
e-mail, phone and Facebook group.


 the nourish experience

from brit+food

Nourish is living beyond your expectation.

Nourish challenges you to search within - not solely for the what or why, but the WHO. The Who behind you, behind what you do and why you do it. Nourish is authentic in every facet. Nourish leads women to uncover beauty - separate from comparison and vanity, culture and manipulation.

Nourish transforms the status quo into the extraordinary, the forsaken places into flourishing meadows of vivacity. It equips women to personify excellence, goodness, strength, savvy, generosity, creativity, abundance, joy and authority in all of her realms.

Nourish says women are genuine and compelling;



My first interaction with you completely changed my life. I knew I needed to work with you. You are sincere and authentic and just the person I needed to help me walk through depression and into joy and taking control of my mental, spiritual and physical health from a position of power.
— Judy
You consistently deliver content that is relevant and encouraging. It seems like you always see the truth, even in difficult times, and know how to do the right thing. The skills you have instilled in me have continued to blow my mind when I’m faced with challenges in my relationships with myself and others and when it comes to my health and nutrition.
— Bri
I had this terrible habit of constantly comparing myself to others and berating myself for every little thing. Through working with Brit, I have learned to live life from a place of authority. It has completely transformed how I interact with myself and others, how I act in the workplace and how I feed myself. I was sick and miserable, and now I am joyful, nourished and free.
— Lisa



I’ll provide you with an intentional and authentic experience tailor-made to your situation and areas where breakthrough is needed. As long as your are committed to the process, you will see the transformation you crave. 

About Me


I'm a Cajun, Nashville-dweller who loves my husband, traveling, chai lattes and oversized beach towels - not to mention FOOD! Serving in ministry nearly my entire life, I became an ordained minister through His Kingdom Come Ministries and have an extensive background working in  missions, church planting, worship, inner healing/deliverance and staff development all over the world and a history of social work in Arizona with American Indians and others. I became a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach from The Institute Of Integrative Nutrition in 2015. Since I've just relocated to Nashville, I have not found a church to get involved with yet. Prior to leaving Arizona, I was involved in a new church plant, Power & Love Church in Queen Creek.

Partnering with God with intention, I've been able to heal a variety of my own emotional and physical hardships through hard work, diligence, vulnerability, coaching and accountability. I have previously struggled with binge-eating disorder, depressive disorder, DID, sexual disorders stemmed from assault, hypothyroidism, PCOS, adrenal fatigue, GERD, extreme hair loss and others and have found healing and freedom.

My purpose with brit+food is committing to helping others achieve the same healing and freedom through mindset shifting, embracing of identity and nourishment. I set out to build relationships and transformation becomes a natural byproduct.