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Create a lifestyle of freedom and health without having to figure it out all on your own.


We’ve all been there: feeling like we’re not good enough, we have too many things to juggle, there’s not enough energy or hours in a day. Maybe you feel called to prioritize a different area of life, but you feel stuck in the hamster wheel that is your day after day. You try to eat healthy, but it just isn’t working long-term. Once you’ve done the family duties and ministered to everyone else, there just isn’t time for you. Know what I’m talking about?

I have some good news for you:

it doesn't have to be that way

You, yes YOU, are not only capable walking in the freedom we’ve been given in health, in life, from emotions, but YOU ARE WORTHY of it. 

My approach to coaching is first, taking you through a series of teachings and exercises that get to the WHY of taking care of ourselves in a healthful manner. There are many different reasons women will be looking for a health coach, such as: healing an illness or pain, weight loss, managing anxiety or depression, getting over that afternoon energy slump and crushing it at work and home or just to learn to take better care of themselves. 

My programs dig deeper into these motives to help you set clear goals and action plans, we delve into our created purpose/s and how it relates to your overall health and self-care and we work on identifying mindsets that are not serving you in your desires and destiny, releasing truth into those areas.

You will connect with your identity on a deeper level, form loving habits and boundaries around your days, get into a productive mindset and be crystal clear on your core desired feelings and how to achieve them. We talk about relationships, career, self-care and nutrition, spirituality and physical activity. 

We will work together on a health plan and education that benefits you and your bio-individuality. You can work toward your nutrition goals with me as your coach, individually or with a like-minded tribe. 

Does all of this sound good so far? There is so much greatness that comes out of each coaching session that sometimes I never even see coming.

I’m here for you, but YOU are the one who has to take the first step. Will you commit to inviting me on this journey of health and freedom with you? 

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brittany herbert


hey, there

I’m Brit.


I help women break through the physical, mental and spiritual barriers to their desired lives of health and freedom. Some call me a health coach; some call me a life coach, but I’m really a joy-chaser who loves helping others achieve their potential and core desired feelings. 

You may think I have coaching superpowers by the above statements. While that does often seem true, I certainly wasn’t born this way, nor did I luck into a spider bite to reach this point.

I could tell you my journey to health and freedom is simple, but that would be a lie. While it would seem nice for it to be simple to achieve, you probably wouldn’t believe me, anyway. 

Not too long ago, I was a teen and twenty-something who was thin and obsessed with working out. I didn’t know anything about nutrition or self-care and kept a diet of whatever I wanted to eat and drink. It seemed I didn't have a care in the world, but the truth is I was miserable. Don’t get me wrong, I had some great times, but underneath that hot body was a mess of a woman who was disgusted with herself, felt she had nothing to offer the world, put others down with her “sense of humor” to feel superior and became addicted to working because it was the only way she felt valued. 

Fast forward a few years: same self-loathing woman, different scenery and married. I had a “grown up job”, had packed on the pounds, tried every fad diet that exists and I was sick. LITERALLY... I had the same issues as before, magnified, and I had become physically sick. I almost killed myself. Yep, I said it! I was so close. 

In the nick of time, I had a spiritual awakening. God intervened in a massive way. The next few years were me digging deep, getting rid of a ton of junk and learning to accept unconditional love. I was doing much better, but I was still sick and… sick of being sick. This led me to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I learned how to feed myself and was able to heal all of my physical illness and the pounds started melting away. I also learned how mind, body and spirit are connected and met healing and freedom in a real, tangible way. I learned … Well, the lessons I’ve learned are endless. 

Here I am, now, excited to do what I do best. That is, coaching other women through their own journeys of health and freedom. I'm not simply an "eat kale" kind of coach. I work to unlock the potential that's dying to get out of you, as it relates to nutrition, career, relationships, spirituality and self-care.  

Life, the way you desire, is reachable - no matter what your circumstances; let me take that journey with you. I’m over here rooting for you.

xoxo -brit